Street Liaisons

 Street Liaisons
Would you like to make our neighborhood a friendlier place to live? Lakewood Trails is looking for Street Liaisons. The volunteer Street Liaison is a friendly liaison, sharing Lakewood Trails Neighborhood Association updates with their neighbors and collecting important block changes to be shared with the Association’s Board of Directors. Block changes could include new residents, family changes (such as births, deaths, or illness) or new real estate listings. 
Street Liaisons would also give additional input to the Board to help select and prioritize improvement projects by being the eyes and ears of the neighborhood. An example is the stop sign that is now on the corner of Sperry and Santa Barbara. This need was identified by neighbors and the board leadership worked with the city to have this safety feature installed. If you would like to participate or for more information, please email
   Rest in Peace 
Carey Ann Smith, 1942-2016 
Sperry Street Liaison

Lakewood Trails Baker Brigade
Imagine this... You’re excited about moving into a Lakewood Trails home and can’t wait to meet some of your new neighbors. But first you’re faced with diving in and unpacking dozens of boxes. The doorbell rings. You open it to find a stranger at the door with a Lakewood Trails Welcome Basket and a plate of cookies. The person at the door isn’t a stranger anymore; it’s a new friend!
If you like to bake cookies, muffins, brownies, or anything else to share with your neighbors, why not join the Lakewood Trails Bakers Brigade? The Lakewood Trails Bakers Brigade work with the Street Liaisons to help welcome our new neighbors. The commitment for this is minimal. You’ll only have to pull out your baking pans once or twice a year. To join the Brigade or for more information, please email

Sunshine Committee
We have a committee that focuses on reaching out to those in our neighborhood who have suffered a recent death in their family. Please alert our Sunshine Committee if you know someone who needs neighborhood support at or if you would like to help bring Sunshine to your neighbors.