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Lakewood Trails brush and bulk trash collection is the third week of the Month. For 2020, the weeks are: Jan 19, Feb 16, Mar 15, Apr 19, May 17, Jun 14, Jul 19, Aug 16, Sept 21, Oct 18, Nov 15, and Dec 20. Items must be set out by 7am on the Monday of collection week, but not earlier than the Thursday before our collection week. 
What goes to the curb?
- Tree Limbs (8ft or less is preferable)
- Shrubbery (please separate from bulky items)
- Bagged Leaves
- Furniture*
- Appliances (note: appliances with Freon, e.g. refrigerators, are not accepted)
- Carpet
- Mattresses and Box Springs
- Other bulky items
* If you have bulky items that are in good condition and still functional, please consider donating them to the Salvation Army, Goodwill Industries of Dallas, Habitat for Humanity or any other local donation center.
What does not go to the Curb?
- Construction Debris
- Bricks, Concrete, Rocks, Dirt, etc.
- Mirrors and Glass (e.g. window or shower glass)
- Electronics (e.g. televisions, computers, etc.)
- Tires**
- Care parts (e.g. engine)
- Lawnmowers (or any machinery that may contain gasoline)
** Passenger tires (25 inches or less) can be taken to the Landfill and the Northwest Transfer Station. Please limit to 6 per year per resident.
Violations will result in a citation up to $2000.
More information and to download the Dallas Sanitation app:
On June 19, 2019 the Dallas City Council adopted an ordinance amending regulations related to brush and bulky trash.  Monthly brush and bulky trash collection will be limited to 10 cubic yards.  (10 cubic yards = approximately 10 stoves). One month per calendar year, residents may set out up to 20 cubic yards, provided it is requested by calling 3-1-1 in advance.  Enforcement of these new limits begins on July 1, 2020.
Where the quantity of brush and bulky trash set out for collection exceeds 10 cubic yards and a request for an oversized brush and bulky trash collection was not submitted, the set out may be collected and a fee will be assessed on the dwelling unit's water bill.  The fee will be assessed at a rate of $60 per five cubic yards, billed in five cubic yard increments.  A citation may be issued in addition to the collection fee.
The Department of Sanitation Services will begin a public awareness campaign in early 2020 to alert residents of the changes to brush and bulky trash regulations.