LTNA continues to be a strong supporter as well as a founding entity of the Friends of the SoPac Trail. Here is an update from the group:
The Friends of the SoPac Trail are excited to introduce the launching of their website: The website will serve to publicize all the work that The Friends are doing in support of the trail as well as providing a vehicle to communicate with all the Friend’s membership. As we strive to be a citizen group in service to the residents of our adjacent neighborhoods and support to our Dallas Park and Recreation Department, we are hopeful that our new website will facilitate this core mission. Please feel free to visit the website, to subscribe to receive future updates, and soon you will be able to donate to the cause from that site. 
The “Friends” as an organization is joining the Dallas Trails Coalition which is supporting hike and bike paths around the city. This group is supported by the Circuit Trail Conservancy, informally known as The Loop. Information on the Conservancy can be found at The LoopLTNA SoPac Trail Photos
As many of you who have helped and those that walked by have seen, the butterfly garden is really coming along. We have had several plantings of native pollinator plants as well as native trees. We are having monthly work days to weed and add plants but with the hot weather coming we will limit some of this work. We received a $400 grant from The Native Plant Society for the purchase of replacement plants for those eaten or that just failed to make it. We have four legged friends with cotton tails that are helping themselves to a tasty meal of “Wine Cups” and other small plants. A little “Rabbit Scram” and keeping a watchful eye goes a long way.
The “Friends” have expanded our efforts to include a wildflower project on the southwest corner of Greentree and Fisher. This area has long been an eye sore as some have even used it for illegal dumping. Parking along this stretch has always been a safety hazard, especially for those walking down to the trail from Greentree. Hopefully the wildflower project will not only beautify the area, which by the way is Dallas Park and Recreation land, but it will add a measure of safety.
Also in the planning stages, is a project to paint the concrete columns of the Mockingbird bridge. A neutral color has been selected and the Friends are entering into an agreement with the City of Dallas Transportation Department to maintain the columns painted and free of graffiti. Costs and fundraising are being explored.
We wish to thank Maria Hasbany, our District 9 Park Board Representative for all her help and advocacy for our projects. All our progress would not have been possible without her. We also thank David Smith of The Dallas Park and Recreation Department for all his work and support. Lastly we thank all the members of the steering committee who have invested a great deal of their  time and energy in leading The Friends of the SoPac Trail. They are Ben Cooper, Dave Dierkes, Laura Elia, Randy Elia, Mason Ice, Donna McCuiston, Charley Redden, Felix and Maggie Saucedo, Lindsey Smith, Gordon Watson and Mick Weisberg.