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Over 600 Trees Lost!
On Sunday, June 9, 2019, Dallas parks lost an estimated 600 trees as a result of a powerful storm that passed through. The high winds and heavy rainfall hit the White Rock Lake area the hardest, officials said. About a third of the trees lost were around White Rock Lake.
Many of the trees included red oak, cedar elm, cottonwood, and pecan trees. The largest tree felled by the storm had more than 60 inches in girth. Dallas Parks and Recreation Department Director Willis Winters indicated that replacement of trees should be based on caliper inches, or trunk diameter, of lost trees. The city estimates a loss of 15,600 caliper inches which is equivalent to 5,200 new trees at a cost of $1.25 million.
The Dallas Parks Foundation is asking for donations to the Dallas Parks Reforestation Fund to help repopulate our parks with life giving trees. You can donate here: Be sure to designate your gift to Dallas Parks Reforestation Fund. O you can mail a check payable to Dallas Parks Foundation, MEMO: Trees, to the address:
Dallas Parks Foundation
9540 Garland Road, Suite 381-117
Dallas, TX 75218
Or you can also donate directly to White Rock Lake: