Photos : 2021 SoPac Trail Tree Planting

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2021 SoPac Trail Tree Planting
A group of almost 20 volunteers from Lakewood Trails, Maplewood and the Fisher Road neighborhood, along with City of Dallas Park and Rec Department staff worked together to plant trees at the SoPac Respite Area on October 23, 2021.  This addition, along with the planting of a Pollinator Garden earlier this month, is part of the beautification effort sponsored by the Friends of the SoPac Trail. 
Six trees were donated by the Park and Rec Department, including 2 Vitex, 2 Desert Willows, a Lace Bark Elm, and a Chinquapin Oak.  Chris McMaster, Certified Arborist and Dallas City Forester, and Preston Willms, supervised and assisted with the planting, along with the rest of their able crew. We are also indebted to David Smith, Manager of City Park Maintenance and Operations.