Photos : Smokin' At Station 55

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Smokin' At Station 55
10/20/19 UPDATE: On Sunday, October 6, 2019 the team at Station 55 invited the LTNA board members and their families over for a BBQ as a thank you for the new smoker. They cooked up delicious meats and the board neighbors brought sides and desserts.
9/28/19 STORY:  A few years ago, Lakewood Trails purchased a grill for Station 55. Recently, the Lakewood Trails Board checked in with the station to see how it was working for them. Although it was still operating, it was really beat up with a defective starter. As such, the Lakewood Trails Board voted to buy them a new one. The station did some research and found a grill/smoker on Craig’s List, which we were able to purchase.
     Felix Saucedo stopped by the day after delivery and they were already smoking three chickens and several pounds of sausage. They are also going to house this one inside the station to better protect it from the elements. Station 55 is extremely grateful to the neighborhood. This new group have come from other stations and they all mentioned how they have never had a neighborhood do this kind of thing for them. The group in the picture will be on duty on Thanksgiving Day, when we traditionally provide them a meal.