The Lakewood Trails Beautification Committee has been very busy working at making Lakewood Trails a beautiful and enjoyable place to live for our neighborhood and surrounding communities. If you are interested in joining any of these beautification activities, email or visit the Friends of the SoPac Trail, which is a not-for-profit organization of individuals and neighborhood associations committed to the support and development of the projects that improve The SoPac Trail.
Here is a sampling of our major projects:
The SoPac Trail Respite Area
In October 2021, a group of neighbors from Lakewood Trails and surrounding neighborhoods gathered to plant approximately 80 pollinator plants in the area now called the SoPac Respite Area, located at the entrance to the SoPac Hike and Bike Trail. These plants were purchased from Texas Discovery Garden with a grant from the Native Plant Society and funds raised by Friends of the SoPac Trail. The garden is registered as a Monarch Way Station and should attract lots of butterflies and other pollinators for neighbors and trail users to enjoy starting this spring. The area already also has stone seating and a water fountain purchased by Friends of the SoPac Trail and installed by City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department. Later in October, the garden team met with Park and Rec staff to plant 6 trees surrounding the garden, further enhancing the Respite Area. 
The Lakewood Trails Blackland Prairie Remnant
Our neighborhood is lucky enough to contain a large remnant of Texas Native Blackland Prairie, which is located on Williamson Road adjacent to Lakewood Park. Over the years the prairie has been overrun with invasive plants such as Queen Anne’s Lace and Johnson Grass, which have smothered the native prairie grasses and blooming plants. In 2017, Lakewood Trails adopted the prairie and, in a partnership with the City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department, has been working to restore the prairie to its former native state. The Prairie Team has been working on removing the invasive plants and adding beneficial native grasses and prairie pollinator plants. In 2021, the team joined with Texas Conservation Alliance (TCA) volunteers and planted over 100 plants and grasses donated by TCA. Lakewood Trails Neighborhood Association, TCA and TCC are generously donating hundreds of native prairie plants and grasses to add to the prairie.
The Williamson/Mockingbird Traffic Island
In 2017, Lakewood Trails volunteers planted a new garden on the triangle of land at the intersection of Mockingbird and Williamson. The plants were purchased with a donation from Lakewood Botanical Society. Lakewood Neighborhood Association pays a lawn crew to mow the grass and mulch the garden, and volunteers from Lakewood Trails and the Lakewood Botanical Society maintain the garden and take care of replacing plants if needed. There is a sign in the garden recognizing the collaboration between these groups.