About Us
Lakewood Trails is a neighborhood of approximately 450 homes in Dallas, Texas. It is bounded by Mockingbird to the north, Williamson to the west, Lakewood Park to the south and the old Southern Pacific greenbelt to the east.

History of Our Growth
Homes in Lakewood Trails were developed in roughly four phases:
  • The Bob-O-Links Downs addition of approximately 50 homes were built beginning in 1953; these homes border the northern part of Santa Barbara. Homes along the eastern end of our Mockingbird boundary are part of the Mockingbird Hill addition and were built beginning in 1954.
  • The Williamson-Caruth Terrace addition includes the north side of Huff Trail to Mockingbird and was built between 1963 and 1971.
  • Lakewood North Estates (south side of Huff to Lakewood Park) was developed beginning in 1970.
  • Currently, new homes are being constructed throughout the neighborhood replacing older homes.
Close to both Lakewood Park and White Rock Lake, Lakewood Trails residents can often be found walking, jogging, biking, gardening or simply outside enjoying our lovely neighborhood. Our eastern border is home to the SoPac Trail, which currently spans 5.5 miles from White Rock Lake north to Greenville Avenue at Meadow Road. Serving as a north-south spine, this walk/bike trail connects with the Santa Fe Trail, White Rock Lake Trail, Flag Pole Hill Trail, and Ridgewood Trail. A future phase will complete the connection to the White Rock Creek Trail, Northaven Trail, and Cottonwood Creek Trail ‘low-five’ intersection.

History of Our Neighborhood Association
The Lakewood Trails Neighborhood Association was formally established in fall 2010. This process began in 2007 with a rejuvenation of an area crimewatch which had been dormant for years including crimewatch newsletters and a Volunteers in Patrol group. Neighborhood efforts initiated the 4-Way stop at Huff Trail and Lyre Lane enhancing the safety of our neighborhood. Following this, a neighborhood-naming effort was starting resulting in tremendous neighborhood participation and the selection of LAKEWOOD TRAILS as our official name.
With a new name, a neighborhood group then launched an initiative to install sign toppers identifying our neighborhood as Lakewood Trails. A design committee was established, neighborhood designs were solicited, multiple neighborhood votes were taken until the final design was chosen. And probably most telling of our tremendous neighborhood support, over $7000 was raised from over 100 contributors funding not only the sign toppers but also the core of a treasury to start a neighborhood association.
A neighborhood meeting and vote approved establishing a neighborhood association, bylaws were created and a neighborhood vote formally established the neighborhood association on November 4, 2010.
By 2013, the Lakewood Trails Neighborhood Association (LTNA) had close to 40% membership participation and a dynamic neighborhood communications process reaching over 400 email addresses. Lakewood Trails supports its residents with an active Crime Watch, Pet Watch, Yard of the Month and beautification projects, annual Halloween Block party, Meet-and-Greets, and Lakewood Trails Kids Events.
LTNA’s wider community contributions includes joining with the Texas Conservation Alliance to restore the Blackland Prairie on Williamson Road, developing and supporting the SoPac Trail Respite Butterfly Garden, and Thanksgiving and Christmas meals for our neighborhood firefighters and police. Our website provides photo albums, neighborhood news, calendar of events and other helpful information. All of this is to emphasize that LTNA is committed to the residents of our community, closely aligned with the interests and concerns of our neighborhood, and, in turn, supported by the residents through their memberships, and volunteer participation in LTNA activities.

 Map of Our Neighborhood