2019 Yards of the Month

April 2019
6829 Inverness
Karen and Dan Morrison

May 2019
6751 Inverness
Sandra Seale

June 2019
6833 Charade
Kristi and Brendon Mills

July 2019
7133 Bob-O-Link
Miriam and Scott Dillon

August 2019
4014 Santa Barbara
Nan Gammon and Wayne Maynard

September 2019
7105 Lyre Lane
Carmenn and Sean Woolley
October 2019
2917 Redstart
Olivia and Cole Claiborn
North Haven Gardens, our generous Lakewood Trails Yard of the Month sponsor, suffered severe damage from the October 20, 2019 tornado. Therefore, we canceled our November Yard of the Month during the time they were closed for rebuilding. 
December 2019
6943 Abbey Court
Cynthia Hill and Cindy Alley
There are also four beautiful Honorable Mentions for December 2019 edition of Yard of the Month.  They include David and Donna Dierkes at 6947 Abbey Ct., Paul and Sherri Barrett at 6940 Inverness, Autumn and Michael Moss at 6734 Santa Maria, and Sylvia Nolan at 6942 Sperry. PHOTOS